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Morning Guys,

This will be a quick entry…

The funeral went smoothly, it was sad, but Chris was happy, so was my in laws that I was there to support them.

I finished 1 scarf I was *shocked* how 1 roll of those thick fuzzy type took up the entire scarf, it wasn’t as long as I wanted to be… it was 62 inches when I wanted 70 ah well… I guess these things happens, so my sisters’ scarf is done… check!

I started on my nephew’s scarf, and it is super SUPER wide… I kinda messed up on the stripes, but I think he will like it, THIS scarf will take me a while…

Today we are going to do house hunting and take the car to the shop – it has been acting up badly I think we may have a alternation problem… I hope nothing too expensive.

I am gonna start working on the blanket today while house hunting those I need to get motor on, the scarves aren’t as long… so after the two blankets, 1 is almost done, the small one I just started (will be taking that today since its not too big to travel)

I will need to do:
My father in law’s scarf (camo)
Finish my nephew’s scarf…

I am not sure what to do for my brother in laws… 1 said I could make a beanie, but I am not good at that, last time I tried… it looked like a pot holder. And the other one, still not sure, I wonder how rude it will be if I just make them sweets, like bread or what not.

I already made:

My mother in law – jewelry (oh no I didn’t… I forgot it was given away – I need to make her some) and dish rag
Sister in law – jewelries & dish rag (not a yarn scarf person)
My other sister in law – scarf & dish rag
Niece – jewelries & scarf will get her a gift card to tunes or jumba juice
Nephew – working on scarf but will get a gift card too

For my side, so far I just made my sister a scarf, I think I will make my mom & dad scarf, not sure what my grandparents yet, the children (small niece and nephew we will get toys)

I gotta go hair is a mess, I wanna drink my coffee supposed to leave in 15 mins.

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We had a lot of fun camping this weekend, I know our 14 year old niece sure had fun, she had THE twightlight birthday… she went to forks and etc. saw houses. Me and chris ended up going to the beach and hung out there our dog had fun.

I finished my grandma’s scarf – the bright pink / yellow scarf, now I started one for my sister.

My soon to be 14 year old nephew wants a harry potter style scarf, I have his navy blue and black color, I am going to make thick and thin stripes, it will be a new thing for me to try… I wont cast on 100 it will be too wide, I will do 60 but I need to find my smaller needles, I packed it up :-(


Cast on 100 (it ended up being 10 ½ inches wide for someone who made it so I am gonna do 60 inches) with 7 needles or smaller… they said to use canon yarn but I am going to use red hearts.

Then after 30 rows, switch to the other color and go 4 rows then switch back 4 rows then back again 4 rows then back to the main color 30 rows. Til how ever long you want it to be. It will be interesting, I never done this, I have done stripes, but I am not sure how to add on the colors without it to be really werid with the ties and etc. now I just need to find my needles – chris’s grandpa has passed, so this will keep me busy for the 5 hour car ride… Christmas presents… been a tiring week already…

Have a good Tuesday! does anyone know how to post photos here?

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Hey Guys,

Just gotten back, it has been a long fun weekend.

Our dog really enjoyed herself, my sister in law has a st benard puppy at shy of 6 weeks old and he is just so freaking cute! <3

Buffy got a bit jealous and stubborn but I realized our dog is in the teenage years im like just great…. Shes trying to test us more often.

Sad news – chris’s grandpa has passed away yesterday, so we are waiting for information for the funeral and I need to talk to work and see if I can take time off to go down to Oregon to the funeral… my heart just breaks for the family… :-/
I am so much need to relax…

Long Friday

Sep. 7th, 2012 05:12 am
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Morning Guys,

It is 512 am, to give an idea how long my days can be... today?

Chris gets up at 330 and leaves at 4 am, i gotten up at 330 did dishes, made his lunch, he leaves, i make coffee, have my left over subway sandwhich and did my bike ride on the couch for 40 mins... played laser with my cat and dog... which is always a pleasure...

need to leave 6 ish, get to work 7 am til 330 pm, got physical therphy (my last one! yay) for my thumb... (tenious sp?)

then i get to my parents 530ish, then come home have a chat date with my best friend Mario tonight at 7 then have dinner with Chris

and gotta wake up at 430 tomorrow on our day off to leave at 5 so i need to pack...

im thinking... how on earth... am i gonna make it through today?! LOL

have a wonderful friday and weekend guys!

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I really would like to try this out every fridays if i cant if not, another time to make up for that... :-)

1.Have you ever left the country you live in and where? Canada

1.What countries would you visit if time and money were not problems? Germany, Paris / France & Spain!

1.Out of all the foreign food you've tried, which is your favorite and why? Chineese - i have no idea, i just love them chineese food!

1.Can you name all 7 continents? Sadly, not right this second - just pretty fried

1.Which continent are you least likely to ever want to see and why? Id say prob. France area im not sure why, now i feel silly for not naming continent :-(
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Hey Guys,

I have some time to sit and write out an entry…. So here it goes, may be a bit dull…
Chris wants us to go to this camping trip to our niece’s 14th birthday party and he wants me to wake up at 430 Am… I’m thinking… NO FREAKING WAY! (well I cleaned that word up LOL) but it is gonna happen. (his side of the family) it will be fun I hope. I am a little worried, I have known them for almost 5 been married for 3 years now, and I feel like if I say something wrong or do something wrong I will be labeled “Bad” I am sure I am just paranoid… I worry about if I mess up.

That’s the thing about me I don’t really like, but I think after being told what I say or do has done something to someone, and it leads me to think okay what I said… that must be rude? I am getting better at it! My mother in law has told me many times before to stop worrying too much.

My job? I mentioned I loved what I do, I work for shop goodwill online sales ( if you are a goodwill shopper / thrift store shopper / ebay shopper… this site may be your best friend, if you don’t mind paying the shipping fee, unless you only shop at your local online goodwill site that you can pick up and just pay 2 dollars handling fee…

I take things, and photograph them and put them online, the money that is earned is going to the community giving the others a second chance / giving jobs, and help people. That is what I am proud of. And also goes to program and people are unable to work, the list goes on… non profit. I am great with that! :-) I do have fun, it is always interesting to see what I see… or thinking whoa who would really buy this? And see the prices…

It is a bidding war, different places start differently and the auctions last for 7 – 9 days depending on the day that is listed… on Fridays for us usually a 9 day auction. I personally enjoy shopping there, I like some purses… mainly coach, I am a huge coach fan… we do check for high name brand things, and get rid of the fakes, we make sure they are authentic we cannot / will not sell fake brand names. We have someone who does check them before processed to us.

Today has been somewhat long, I had a negative start of the morning with a certain someone I cannot say who and what and where… but that person just would not drop things, and ended up getting a email, I am hoping tomorrow that will just blow over, I will not end up making a attempt to make a small talk, last thing I need to do is have more trouble…. Other than that, I was happy I gotten my starbucks… really happy! Then the rest of the day was pretty good.

I picked up my dad from his appointment (for those who doesn’t know, he had a major back surgery in Jan, still in recovery – my mom had a ankle surgery so unable to drive and etc – and I need to run their errands – well we depending who is available) yes I know I am a good daughter… it is tiring… its like we don’t have a lot of time to do things for ourselves… saw my mom and grandparents… my mom is still in a lot of pain… im counting the weeks for her to get better.

Okay, I think chris wants to use the computer

I gotta get up at 4 am… he gets up at 330, so maybe I will squeeze a workout – considering I have been bad with my diet, I was good today I was proud of me… I was 100 some less of my calorie goal, yesterday I had a big mac meal! :-X I love them MCD Big Mac… shame on me… I was 800 over my goal…

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My name is Amber, I am new to this site, I am sure there are alot of people that comes and go, and alot of simple introduction.

I am deaf, I work for online sales. I love my job, no doubt.

Married to a man name Chris.

I am the girl who starts projects, and is determine to finish them, sometimes i make the mistake of making more projects and i have to take the time to complete them (hobbies - speaking of, i am working on TWO blankets, which i feel silly i started on a new one while my mom had her surgery last week and i have one that is almost done, just one ball of yarn left... PLUS i started a scarf knitting - the blankets are crochet, i have a on and off projects with dish rags, those arent that important!)

I do enjoy reading, i am up to getting new ideas what to read...

This entry could be longer, but sadly i do need to get off... :-( but if you do have tips where to meet new people / how to work my way around... please do share! :-) Thanks!



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